myLotus officially launched at the London Fertility Show!

We attended the 2018 Fertility Show in London on November 3-4 to officially launch our brand new myLotus Fertility Monitor – the UK’s first at-home fertility testing device that tracks women’s individual hormone levels to increase their chances of getting pregnant – naturally.

During the two-day event, we connected with hundreds of women who are trying to conceive and informed couples about our fertility monitoring and pregnancy testing device.

What did we get up to at The Fertility Show?

The myLotus team met with fertility bloggers like Alice Fyles, industry professionals and the first ever customers of the myLotus Monitor.

We were really excited to have one of our KOLs, holistic fertility expert Emma Cannon join us on our myLotus stand. She was on hand to answer attendees’ questions about all things related to fertility and any issues they may have.

How can myLotus help women trying to conceive?

Identifying individual LH concentration levels…

myLotus provides you with both a “+” and “-“ fertility test result and a measure of how much Luteinising Hormone (LH) is present in your urine. LH concentration levels rise as your body prepares to ovulate. myLotus helps provide you with a window on your ovulation and fertile phase.

Fertility expert and reproductive medicine consultant Dr. Larisa Corda, who also came to our stand, says: “Knowing your LH surge is a useful, reliable indicator of impending ovulation. Women, who are not able to identify their fertile days with traditional tests, can now find out more about their fertile phase by measuring their LH concentration levels.”

LH concentration levels vary greatly from woman-to-woman, many women have an LH base level that is above or below the normal range and cannot pick up their LH surge with traditional ovulation tests, as they only provide qualitative results. There are also huge variations of the individual LH surges and their profile. In fact, only 44% of women fall within the average LH profile and 19% of women have a small LH surge.1 Even if your LH base levels are above or below the normal range, myLotus provides a new assessment of your cycle by measuring the LH concentration levels to identify your fertile days. It allows you to assess your LH hormone profile where it differs from the mean profile.

Tracking results through the myLotus app…

myLotus allows you to graphically track and view your monthly LH profile by entering your LH results into the FREE downloadable app, which was also introduced at the Fertility Show. On the app, you can check your trends and establish your most fertile time for sex. myLotus provides you with a deeper understanding of your cycle, wherever you are in your fertility journey.

The Fertility Show was a fantastic launchpad for myLotus, and we can’t wait to keep the momentum going!

Alliende et al., Mean versus individual hormonal profiles in the menstrual cycle; Fertility and Sterility 2002.