Sue’s Nutrition Nuggets to Help Control Blood Sugar Levels

Balancing sugar levels is paramount when it comes to fertility, as sugar has a direct influence on hormones. Hormones work together and are finely tuned, so if one is out of balance, this can then have a cascade effect on others.

Here are some ideas for you to help balance sugar levels:
Try to consume:

  • Some protein when you eat carbohydrate foods to slow down the release of sugar and to help prevent sugar ‘spikes’. For example, at breakfast have an egg on a small slice of seeded brown bread.
  • Healthy fats, such as those found in walnuts, flax and chia seeds, and oily fish such as sustainably sourced sardines, salmon and mackerel.
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Foods with a low Glycemic Load (GL)
  • Complex carbohydrates – porridge, wholemeal bread
  • Chromium rich foods – romaine lettuce, onions, raw tomatoes, oysters, whole grains, potatoes, broccoli, turkey, green beans. Chromium helps to balance blood sugar levels.
  • Most vegetables especially root vegetables/leafy green vegetables
  • Legumes, e.g. beans, peas, lentils, kidney beans
  • Apples and pears and plenty of berries with a low GL
  • Wholegrains
  • Try to eat three distinct meals per day, and if you need to have a snack try a handful of nuts/seeds rather than chocolate or crisps!
  • Don’t skip breakfast!
  • If you feel that you want something sweet, go for an item of fruit or make a fresh smoothie (150ml of smoothie a day as they contain sugar but in its natural state – this amount still counts as one of your seven a day) rather than biscuits, crisps or cake.
  • Water to keep well hydrated

Get up and go balancing breakfast smoothie.

Why not try this balancing breakfast smoothie to keep you from reaching for the snacks, pack in those antioxidants and keep your blood sugar levels in balance at the same time!

(Makes one large smoothie)

  1. 4oz raspberries
  2. 8oz strawberries
  3. 100ml milk of your choice
  4. 2oz unsweetened muesli
  5. A sprinkling of pumpkin seeds

Place the raspberries and strawberries into a blender and whizz together until smooth then add the muesli, pumpkin seeds and milk and blend. Pour into a glass with some ice. Enjoy!

Sue Bedford, MSc (Nut Th), BSc (Hons), PGCE, mBANT, CNHC is a Nutritional Therapist, with a special interest in Fertility, General Health and Well-Being, Weight Loss and Child Nutrition. She gained her MSc in Nutritional Therapy from the University of Worcester in 2012 (her thesis explored nutrition and fertility in-depth) and has worked with a variety of clients ever since.

Sue is qualified to offer Nutrigenetic testing, an exciting new area of Nutrition, which offers a personalised analysis of an individuals’ Nutritional needs. Sue also has up to date training on nutrition and the menopause.

She has written numerous nutrition articles for a preconception charity and fertility clinic over the last few years. She is also co-editor of a book in which she authored two important chapters and has co-edited another book due to be published in January 2020. Sue writes nutrition recipes/articles for IVF Babble.

Sue is able to offer various consultation options to suit a variety of scenarios including face to face, telephone, skype and email consultations / follow up consultations.