The first myLotus birth

We are delighted to share the news of our first myLotus birth! Sonny was born on the 25th September 2019 and we are pleased to report that mum and our first baby boy are both well. We couldn’t be more thrilled for the Gordon family as we’ve been on this journey together. We are immensely proud to have played some role in it. 


Isabel Gordon (mother of Sonny Rocco Gordon) said; “Thank you for bringing us Sonny, without myLotus® I am sure he wouldn’t be here… myLotus® couldn’t have been a better purchase if it tried. From the moment I came across it on Instagram, it just made so much sense to buy. Having been told it could possibly be a harder route for me to fall pregnant, I wanted something I could trust to help me and something which made total sense. myLotus® easily explains all the different features of how to use it, and the fact that it produces an individualised LH level for each ovulation test is quite frankly genius. This allowed me to track my ovulation in such a concise way that I felt in safe hands. The app is an added bonus which uses your data to inform you when you should be taking a pregnancy test and stores all your test results if you ever need to look back over or show your doctor. We fell pregnant within our first cycle of using myLotus®, and I feel passionately that this was purely down to it. My average LH levels were quite low, so only myLotus® would have been able to catch my spike using the numerical factor. The added bonus of myLotus® was the 9 pregnancy tests the pack comes with, which I happily used every single one to quadruple check I really was pregnant :)”


myLotus® empowers women to self-test their personalised hormone levels and identify their optimal fertile days, thereby improving their chances of a natural pregnancy. We enable women to monitor their fertile phase as part of their menstrual cycle and myLotus® is the only home test to ‘quantitatively’ measures the hormone level and the ‘rate-of-change’ of these levels before ovulation to help aid a natural or assisted conception. Users measure, record, and track their hormone levels and follow their fertility journey in an accompanying free downloadable app available in iOS and Android formats via the website.


myLotus® is available to all women who are planning to start a family or for those who have previously struggled to conceive naturally, enabling couples a natural alternative prior to considering more costly IVF treatment. We are also preparing to release further hormone health and wellbeing tests to complement our fertility offering early next year.       


Matthew Walls, Chairman said: “We are extremely proud and delighted to announce our first birth, and we send our love and best wishes to Sonny, Isabel, Joshua and the Gordon family. Today’s announcement is a fabulous achievement for the Company and continues to strengthen the credibility and awareness of myLotus® amongst women. Our pregnancies are growing in number, and we have waited patiently for our first births. We expect to announce growing numbers of births arising from myLotus® over the coming months. We will be attending The Fertility Show at Olympia this weekend and look forward to welcoming those attending to our stand at C38.”

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