The ‘Trying to Conceive Day’

myLotus is pleased to sponsor The ‘Trying to Conceive’ series of events at the Fertility Fest on Sunday 28th of April 2019 at the Barbican, London in Association with IVF Babble and Fertility Network UK.

The Fertility Fest 2019

In its third year, the Fertility Fest is presenting over 200 artists and fertility specialists devoted to the subject of the science of making babies and modern families. It runs from 23rd April – 18 May in partnership with the world-renowned Barbican as part of their 2019 season, Life Rewired, exploring what it means to be human when technology is changing. All women are different, so are their fertility stories.

Jessica Hepburn and Gabby Vautier, the founders of the Fertility Fest said: ‘The festival has three important aims: to improve fertility education so that young people are taught more than how ‘not’ to get pregnant and are given the opportunity of creating the families they want in the future with or without science or children; to enhance mental health support for people going through IVF treatment to ensure they have the best possible outcomes whatever their fertility story, however it ends; and to raise all levels of public discourse about reproductive science – what it can do, what it can’t do and how it’s affecting the way the human race is being made today.’

As one of the Programme highlights, myLotus is sponsoring the ‘Trying to Conceive’ Day on 28 April. For a full programme overview visit

Trying to Conceive Sunday 28 April, The Pit

Who said getting pregnant was easy? Visual artists Jon Barker and Anna German share how their journeys through fertility treatment have inspired their creative practice, including plasticized sculptures and pop-up picture books. Also featuring movement artist Avni Trivedi and leading natural health specialist Emma Cannon and IVF Consultant and ITV’s This Morning’s resident fertility expert Dr Larisa Corda. Produced in partnership with the national charity Fertility Network UK and IVF Babble magazine and sponsored by myLotus.

From 11am – 12.30pm: Be with your body

​​When you’re struggling to conceive, it’s totally normal to feel like your body is letting you down. Movement expert Avni Trivedi is invited to lead a simple workshop to help people reconnect with themselves and their bodies and take away some ideas to ground you whatever TTC challenges are to come your way. Discussions with leading women’s health expert Emma Cannon, IVF consultant and fertility expert from ITV’s This Morning Dr Larisa Corda from Create Fertility, and Erik Henau from myLotus will take place during this session.

From 1pm – 2.30pm: Trying to Conceive Lunch

After movement comes food! 2 visual artists will share their journeys and the art it has inspired.

To find out where to book tickets click here: FertilityFest /Trying-to-conceive-barbican