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myLotus Personalised Fertility Monitor with 1 month test sticks

myLotus Personalised Fertility Monitor with 1 month test sticks

myLotus is a new home fertility monitoring and pregnancy testing device, containing a monitor, ovulation tests (LH) and pregnancy tests (hCG). A free downloadable app is available separately.

Pack contains:

1 Monitor, 20 Ovulation Tests and 3 Pregnancy Tests


Price incl. VAT

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myLotus Ovulation (LH) & Pregnancy (hCG) Test Refill Pack

myLotus Ovulation (LH) & Pregnancy (hCG) Test Refill Pack

myLotus Ovulation Tests measure the hormone concentration levels of the Luteinising hormone (LH) and the myLotus Pregnancy Tests measure the presence of the pregnancy hormone human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in your urine.

Pack contains:

20 Ovulation Tests and 3 Pregnancy Tests


Price incl. VAT

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What our customers are saying about myLotus

I just want to express a really huge thank you for all the support you gave and investigations you performed to help me to figure out what was going on. It has really been invaluable to me, not only for having a better idea of what was going on with my cycle but also my mental health as it’s given me a little bit more control so I don’t feel totally helpless/useless in this whole situation.


This technology has brilliant potential. If in the future your offering was extended to other hormones such as oestradiol or progesterone. I could see it being HUGE as it would reduce a lot of the inconvenience and cost of having to get these tests done separately. Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase. It’s really incredibly useful to have a monitor that actually tracks and tells you what your LH levels are.


Since using the My Lotus monitor I have took all my data to my doctor and have had bloods and scans done that have now confirmed that I have PCOS.

I can’t thank the My Lotus team enough for creating such an amazing device that has helped me get a better understanding of my fertility that will hopefully get me a step closer to that positive pregnancy test in the near future


After just two months of using the monitor we had the lovely news that we are now expecting a baby. Good health management and the correct vitamins is very important, but I feel we can put our success down to lotus and their support. Please get a hold of one, and don’t lose hope. Ever! With love to all the couples trying.


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Tracking your fertility with myLotus vs other methods

  myLotus Digital Ovulation tests Fertility monitors & OTC Ovulation Tests Basal Body Temperature ... Smartphone Fertility Tracking Apps
Absolute Measurement and Prediction of Ovulation check minus minus minus minus
Combined Fertility and Pregnancy Hormone Measurements check minus check minus minus
Personal Monthly Hormonal Profile check minus check minus minus
Results equivalent to lab tests in a home setting check minus minus minus minus
Suitable for all women independently of irregular cycles... check minus minus check minus