Coronavirus and Pregnancy

A message from our CEO 


These are surreal times that we’re living in and we hope that you and your family are staying safe.  

I know that for many, there’s an extra level of worry and perhaps even heartbreak right now. Whether you’ve had to put your fertility journey on hold because your IVF treatment has been cancelled or you’re waiting for more guidance on how this virus affects pregnancy – it’s easy to feel like youre spinning out of control. We know that each month is precious and a missed opportunity to conceive means that you have to start the rollercoaster all over again. It’s roughespecially if time isn’t your friend 

Our vision at myLotus is to be a guiding light. We want to cut through the noise and bring you information that is clear, reliable, and backed-up by science.   

Whilst pregnant women have been placed in the ‘vulnerable group’ by the Chief Medical Officer in the UK, there’s no evidence to suggest being pregnant means you’re more likely to get coronavirus, or that you would suffer from more severe symptoms than other healthy adults. 

According to the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, there’s no increased risk of miscarriage if you were to catch the coronavirus while pregnant, and whilst transmission from a woman to her baby during pregnancy or birth is probable, reassuringly both babies recorded to have caught coronavirus were discharged from hospital and are well.    

Whatever you decide to do, it’s a really good time to track your hormone levels safely from the comfort of your own home using myLotus, and should you wish to continue trying for a baby, you’ll be armed with knowledge around your key fertility hormones and how they are working 

Here are some useful resources to help you stay informed:  

  Sending you love from the entire team,   

  Penny – CEO of Concepta