myLotus Ovulation Tracker

Increase your chance of getting pregnant with myLotus

When you make the decision to try for a baby, you want it to happen as soon as possible.

Information around your specific cycle is the key to optimising your chances of getting pregnant, and each woman is different. Whilst standard ovulation tests might give you a yes/no indication by benchmarking against a standard ‘average’, actual measurements of your personal luteinising hormone (LH) levels mean that you can identify your peak fertility time. This is unique to you.


myLotus Ovulation Tests are over 99% accurate*

myLotus is a breakthrough in home-based fertility monitoring, with results equivalent to those of lab based testing**.

myLotus enables the building of a monthly profile which it compares against previous cycles, allowing you to build up a view and predict your next cycle. This removes guesswork and can reduce anxiety.

myLotus gives a precise numerical measurement of LH in your urine, which is the most reliable marker for impending ovulation. Your peak LH, or ‘surge’, occurs approximately 24-48 hours prior to ovulation. The day the LH surge is detected, and the day after, are the two most fertile days in your menstrual cycle. Knowing the exact timing of this peak fertility window will help improve your chances of conception.

Daily use of myLotus means you will not miss your peak fertility window

Whilst standard ovulation tests might provide a negative reading because the result is measured against an ‘average’ level, myLotus is measuring against your own base level rather than an industry standard. So whilst standard sticks may not detect your peak, the algorithms in myLotus will ensure your personal peaks are identified, every time.

By taking more than one test per day, you are able to be even more specific in identifying your peak fertility window. Research shows that most surges are seen at mid-morning testing, but the surge can happen at different times for each woman. When it does happen, it can be very rapid, so an additional test in the afternoon can give an even more specific indication.

The myLotus system brings the laboratory standard into the comfort and privacy of your own home

You can enter your measurements into the free downloadable App, and use your iOS (Apple) or Android device to track your profile and establish your optimal time to conceive. This is done via the interpretation of the data outputs from the monitor onto a visual graph. Data is stored and can be shared with your doctor to help improve your chance of conception.

These trends provide you and your healthcare professional with information about your menstral cycle, and your probability of conception. This can support discussions around your health and wellbeing, and facilitate changes around your lifestyle, diet, sleep and stress levels, medication, and other key factors that may be supressing the production of LH, eg: higher levels of prolactin, which can supress LH production.

The myLotus Monitor will also prompt you to test for pregnancy at the right time, so once you’ve completed each cycle, you can find out if you are pregnant using the myLotus Pregnancy Tests. myLotus has helped many women conceive in the first 1-3 months of usage, where other ovulation kits have not worked for them.

Our sophisticated App shows your results based on real time data, allowing you to visually identify when ovulation is about to occur.

App Features
Fertility Graphs
Track Your Menstruation
Sexual Activities and Notes

The App allows you to visually track your monthly LH profile. With one touch, your screen will turn into an easy to read fertility graph displaying LH levels of the current and previous two cycles. The cycles days beneath the graph allow you to see your optimal fertile days, as all three months are overlaid to show the month to month consistency or variance of your cycle.

Our easy to use interface is clear, and in a single view enables you to see your current, previous, and next cycles, along with average cycle length, bleed days, LH measurements, and hCG levels as a result of pregnancy testing. You can also diarise when intercourse occurred.

As well as confirming your bleed days in just one touch of the screen, you can also specify the intensity of your flow to indicate spotting through to heavy bleed days throughout your cycle. You can also change the start and end days of your period from month to month for greater accuracy.

The App allows you to set reminders for the time you would like to test. Reminder messages can be customised by you so that they are discreet.

You can use the App to capture notables on each day of your cycle, and mark the days when you and your partner had sex. The sexual activity symbol will be displayed in your calendar.


*myLotus ovulation tests are over 99% accurate based on laboratory tests showing a positive result at 40mIU/mL.

**A performance evaluation study conducted by an independent research organisation confirmed a 94.7% correlation between myLotus and the Siemens Immulite 1000 Analyser.