myLotus Personalised Fertility Monitor with 1 month test sticksmyLotus Personalised Fertility Monitor with 1 month test sticksmyLotus Personalised Fertility Monitor with 1 month test sticks
  • Clear quantitative results – myLotus measures your Luteinising Hormone (LH) concentration levels from a simple urine sample, giving you a clear view of your "peak fertility", even if your LH levels are above or below the normal range. No interpretation of lines or symbols.
  • Easy to track your results – By tracking your exact LH concentration levels, you can build up your monthly LH profile and plan your life around your most fertile days, rather than being reactive. Hormone profile tracking gives you a "trend", so you can see which days & time you are most fertile to get pregnant faster.
  • Clinically proven - Results are equivalent to those from lab-based testing.
  • Free downloadable App (available on iOS and Android) allows you to quantitatively and graphically track your results and record commentary of your personal conception journey up to 13 cycles. Real-time data tracking.
  • Easy to use urine test sticks. Results in 10 minutes. myLotus allows for ovulation and pregnancy testing.
How is myLotus delivered to me?
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How can I return myLotus?

If you are unhappy with your purchase please contact us. The product must be returned unopened, in the condition in which it was delivered. It must be in the original packaging together with the invoice and returned within 14-days of receiving the product. The product should be returned to Concepta Diagnostics Ltd, Unit 4, Bullrush Business Park, Bullrush Grove, Doncaster, DN4 8SL. We will refund the product price and any postage paid. Please review our Terms & Conditions of sales before ordering. If you think your myLotus Monitor is defect send an e-mail to

myLotus Personalised Fertility Monitor with 1 month test sticks

myLotus is a new home fertility monitoring and pregnancy testing device, containing a monitor, ovulation tests (LH) and pregnancy tests (hCG). A free downloadable app is available separately.

Pack contains:

1 Monitor, 20 Ovulation Tests and 3 Pregnancy Tests

£149.00 Price incl. VAT