Pinpoints the optimal time for...

Pinpoints the optimal time for intercourse

Improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Ovulation Tracker
Clinically proven to show results...

Clinically proven to show results equivalent to those from lab based testing

Over 99% accurate.*

Your personal peak fertile time...

Your personal peak fertile time tracked with absolute accuracy

Ovulation Tracker

"We fell pregnant within the first cycle of using myLotus"

Isabel from London


myLotus is a highly accurate ovulation monitor that is changing the way women plan their pregnancy.

Together with our free downloadable App, myLotus enables you to pinpoint specifically when you are at your peak fertility.

Your cycle is unique to you.

Where other test stick methods will indicate a yes/no signal over a broad 4 day window, myLotus tells you exactly when you are reaching your peak fertility. Our sophisticated algorithm detects the precise level of Luteinising Hormone (LH) within your urine, removing the need for interpreting lines and symbols which can be confusing. myLotus measures your personal LH surge, so even if you have multiple, low or high surges, you are able to track your levels month on month to understand and predict your own peak fertility level.

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myLotus provides a numerical measure of how much Luteinising Hormone (LH) is present in your urine, and a “+” and “–” fertility test result. Menstruation record, LH readings and pregnancy results are all stored in your calendar along with personal notes and sexual activity.

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Full visibility of the past, present and future months data is clearly displayed in your history; Cycle lengths, menstruation and LH surge data can be accessed with ease. You can continue to test for the whole menstrual cycle to build up a complete picture of your LH profile and compare against your earlier and historic cycles.

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myLotus allows you to graphically track and view your monthly LH profile and identify your most fertile days, month on month. Even if your LH base level is above or below the normal range, myLotus provides a measured numerical result (quantitative) which differs from traditional +/- result (qualitative) ovulation tests.

Ovulation Tracker

What our customers are saying about myLotus

It measures your LH levels precisely giving you lab accuracy at home...


It shows you exactly what's going on which is really useful...


It's been an amazing product and I would absolutely recommend this.


I know exactly where I am in my cycle and there's no more guesswork...


It gives you your own LH concentration which is really important...

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